Teen Daughter Beautifully Sings At Mother’s Wedding Ceremony

It was a special moment for a daughter when she sang at her mom’s wedding as she walks down the aisle, Tracy White Forde was getting married to the man of her dreams along with her children beside her the entire time.

Her son, Tyler, escorted her as she walked down the aisle and her teen daughter Leah, began to sing as she stood at the front of the church singing her mom’s favorite song ‘I Promise You’ by Donna Taggart. The words were so appropriate for the ceremony, “My love, here I stand before you am yours now, from this moment on Take my hand, only you can stop me shaking. We’ll share forever, this I promise you.”

Congratulations and best wishes to Tracy and her new husband and we wish them a life full of joy and happiness and special blessings to Tracy’s kids for standing by their mom and supporting her all along.