Elderly Man with Dementia Meets Kids Every Day, Thinking It’s the First Time

A viral video capturing an elderly man with dementia joyfully interacting with a group of kids each day is bringing smiles to people’s faces.


Every day, this man meets these children, imagining each encounter as their first. Suffering from severe dementia, he lacks short-term memory.

Medical science explains dementia as a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking, and social abilities significantly enough to impact daily life. Although not a disease itself, dementia results from various underlying diseases.

Memory loss alone doesn’t indicate dementia, but it is often one of the initial signs.

The true beauty of this story unfolds in the video, where the kids patiently reintroduce themselves daily to the elderly man, continuing this tender ritual for over two years.

These children have been raised exceptionally well. Kudos to their parents for instilling such values from the start.

May we all be inspired to extend kindness and thoughtfulness to everyone around us, just like these children have demonstrated.

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