Girl Has Emotional Reunion With Horse 4 Years After Her Family Sell It During Hard Times

A mysterious relationship exists between women and horses which cannot be explained. A young girl Bay fell in love with a horse named Spook and even though people didn’t say good things about Spook, Bay saw potential in it.

They became good friends and were literally inseparable, but due to unavoidable circumstances the family had to sell Spook. But hope was not lost because even after four years, there were plans to bring Spook back and once it was all worked out, Bay’s mom and others took her to the stable and told her to sit on a table and hold some sheets of paper with writing on them.

Bay couldn’t understand at first what was going on and complained that she wasn’t wearing the right boots and didn’t know she was going to have to be on camera. But, the video that was made, showed her and another woman putting up papers with messages, one at a time, so that the camera could see the words but Bay could not. Some of the messages read, “4 years ago, I had to sell my best friend, Spook,” another one said, “We won many barrel races together, we won many belt buckles. I had many long talks with Spook. Ya know he always listened. I thought he would be a part of my life forever.”

A girl and her horse 💕

Posted by Tiffany Neal on Sunday, March 11, 2018

Some more read, “Then it all changed! My life was turned upside down! I turned to my buddy Spook. He always comforted me when I was sad. Then I was told I had to sell him. I did what I could to help my mom. Even tho (sic) my heart was broken and ripped out of my chest.”

It further said, that the new family who bought Spook, came to take him and they were strong in the beginning as they knew Spook would help another girl learn to barrel race. But when the feeling sank in that Spook was going to leave them and go away with his new owners, tears were shed and hearts were broken.

After Spook was gone, they continued to follow him on Facebook, watching videos of him and his new owners, him running, but they knew that he was okay with his new owners and maybe one day he would return back to them. Then came the big announcement when it read, “Now Facebook you are about to watch a long awaited reunion. A little girl and her Big Black Horse together again. Bay has no clue whats (sic) about to happen. But me and Mike baught (sic) Spook back. Together we wanted to put that piece of Bays (sic) heart back.”

When Bay turned, she saw Spook standing near her, she rushed over to him, pressing her face to his and then burying herself in his neck as she gave him a huge hug. It made her a very happy girl to see her horse back with her.

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