NFL Hall Of Fame Kurt Warner And Wife Help Fulfill Single Mom’s Dream Home Furnishing

NFL legend Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda Warner have helped a single mom in furnishing her home to look brand new in time for Thanksgiving.

The single mom from Mesa, Arizona, recently moved into a new home with her three children and Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona helped make it possible for the mother to purchase the home.

The family were surprised when former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner and his wife showed up at their doorstep, with arms full of food items and beautiful furnishings for the entire home.


The Warner couple’s foundation, First Things First, provided the generous donation. The program has rewarded 51 families since it began in 2002.

Kurt Warner has always stood by his belief that the family should be able to gather together during the holiday season. “I think back to when I was younger, and I can’t remember the food we ate, I can’t remember the presents that I got, but what I do remember is the family coming together at our home,” Warner said.

“Why we’re here was not to throw touchdown passes and play in Super Bowls, although that was fun and I’m glad we got to do that. But it was really to be able to use the platform that God’s given us to impact people.”

Brenda Warner knows what it is to be as a struggling single mother, her biography on First Things First says that Brenda was living in Section 8 apartment housing on food stamps while struggling to stay in nursing school and care for her two young children, one of whom had special needs.

“Some days you are the person who needs, then one day you can be the person who gives, and it can switch in a heartbeat,” Brenda said. “I know from my life it can switch in a heartbeat so, where you are, do what you can.”

Elsa, the single mom and first-time homeowner, and her three children were beaming while sitting on their new couch in their new house.

“I’m so happy,” Elsa said. “It’s the first time I have a home with my kids. It’s a dream come true.”

What a beautiful and touching story this is, coming at this part of the year when every family is busy preparing for Thanksgiving and don’t the time to think about the homeless and the destitute. Jesus Christ our Lord has always told us to be kind and generous to the poor and do as unto the Lord. Let us open our arms and hearts wide open to the poor and destitute this Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

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