Daring Rescue: Man Risks Life to Save Toddler Hanging from 8th Floor Window

Sabit Shontakbaev, 37, from Kazakhstan is being praised and appreciated by the media for his heroic efforts in saving a toddler from an imminent fall from the eighth floor of an apartment building.


Sabit was on his way to work when the alarming incident took place. When Sabit learned the cause of the commotion, he quickly jumped into action. The baby could be seen hanging on the ledge of the window by her fingertips. He rushed into the building and knocked on the door of the apartment below the toddler’s.

Reportedly, the 3-year-old had been left alone by her mom who went out shopping and she had used cushions to climb up to the ledge of the window before she slipped.

“At that moment I didn’t think about anything, I just wanted to help the child,” Shontakbaev said.

WATCH: The Daring Rescue Video

“Afterwards, I went straight to work with my friend. Nobody knew that this would happen. I just saved the child and left, and in the news and social networks, they suddenly began to call me a hero. I do not consider my actions heroic. To me, everyone should lend a helping hand in such situations,” he added.


In recognition of his brave and selfless action, Shontakbaev has been awarded a three-bedroom apartment. His entire family which includes his three daughters and a son can now move to the city and will be the new occupants of the apartment.

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