Unconscious Man Falls Onto Subway Tracks, Hero Officer Saves Him Just Moments Before Train Arrives

Our police officers do not let any negativity affect them but continue going above and beyond to serve our country and protect citizens every day.

Just when people were losing hope after a man fell onto the subway tracks in New York City, police officers and a Good Samaritan helped save the day in a valiant rescue effort.

“NYPD cops help New Yorkers at any cost!” the NYPD posted on Twitter Thursday, adding that the NYPD Transit “officers didn’t hesitate for a moment” to help the man.

man rescued from subway tracks

The incident

The incident happened in the Bronx when a “sick straphanger” became unconscious and fell on the subway tracks. That’s when an NYPD Transit officer was around and jumped down onto the tracks to move the man, as other officers were nearby assisting them and bystanders urged them to hurry.

The NYPD said that a Good Samaritan also joined the officer and jumped onto the tracks to help him in the situation. Thankfully, the man, officer, and the Good Samaritan were all safe on the platform as a train was seen approaching, which prompted cheers and applause from onlookers.

“That’s officers Lopez, Peguero, Sugrim, and Caban-Bailon from District 12 working as a team to flag the train and get the man to safety. Thank you to everyone who assisted!” Kathleen O’Reilly, the NYPD chief of transit, said of the video on Twitter.

This is another incident where NYPD officers were seen jumping onto subway tracks after an incident in May where they helped a man who had a seizure and fell onto the tracks in lower Manhattan.

“A glimpse of how Transit cops saved a man in medical distress yesterday. This life-saving rescue would not have been possible without our officers’ quick actions & the alertness of the @NYCTSubway train operator,” O’Reilly said of that incident.

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