Man Rescues Dying Baby Critter From Street And It Defies All Odds

An uplifting piece of news from Florida is melting hearts online, Jeff was walking on the road, when he spotted a tiny baby animal lying there, he immediately rescued the little critter and has since been inseparable from it.

It turned out to be a baby flying squirrel, which had been separated from her mother. Jeff acted immediately as he realized that if he didn’t act fast, it would not survive.

When he posted the recovery story on his social media, he started getting a lot of messages, he said, “I’ve gotten hundreds of messages and 12 marriage proposals!”

He has named her Biscuits and has decided that he would take care of her. He educated himself on flying squirrels, so that he could provide her with the best conditions for living.

He began feeding her a mixture of puppy formula and heavy cream and also took Biscuits every day to his office during the first two months of her stay.

Biscuits now has her own cage with many things for her comfort and entertainment. “She has a big cage and semi-free reign of the house when I’m available to supervise,” said Longo. “She wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the wild now. She is super friendly to people and not afraid of animals.”

Jeff also has other animals like dogs, who love Biscuits and it’s a mutual affection. “I just have to watch them so they don’t accidentally squish her,” said Jeff jokingly.

They seem to be having a ball as he says, “She runs around me like I’m a big tree,” said Jeff. “… then jumps on things and then jumps back … gets excited … starts chirping … rinse and repeat.”

One day, he thought she had run away. “When she first started becoming mobile, she escaped … I found her in the bathtub in the morning,” he said. Now he says, “I’m stuck with the little fluffball.”

This is such a feel good piece of news, the man not only rescued the stray animal but also formed a lifelong bond with it.