Adorable Baby Laughs Hysterically When Mom Does A Fake Sneeze

An adorable video has been shared online by a mother who discovered her baby’s hilarious reaction to when she sneezed.


A mother is the first person a baby is introduced to in life and she plays a huge role in shaping the child’s future.

Babies are so sweet and innocent that they cannot tell a fake from a real thing and the baby in this video too thinks his mom is sneezing when she is just faking.


The baby’s can be seen laughing out heartily as soon as the mother faked a sneeze.

The video has been uploaded to social media platform TikTok and has been viewed thousands of times already.

Watch: Adorable Baby Can’t Stop Laughing When Mom Does A Fake Sneeze

Johnnie Iguess
Johnnie Iguess

I wanted to share but it is on TikTok. Really adorable. Babies laugh are some of the cutest.

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