Mom Turns Son Over to Cops For Carjacking Pastor

A teenager from St. Loui Missouri has been turned over to the police by his own mother after she learned that he was involved in the carjacking of a Pastor. She is making headlines for her bold decision and her action has garnered the attention of the media.


On the 27th of January, Pastor Mike Coleman of the Cardonelet Baptist Church was carjacked by a 13-year-old and his friend.

The teenagers took his wallet, keys, and car at gunpoint. However, they ditched the car after hitting other vehicles parked along the way, and unable to drive further, they fled the scene.

For Pastor Coleman, the few minutes seemed like forever. He was not able to make any move nor did he know what to do. “I was trying to think a step ahead of them, but honestly, I just really did not know what to do — did not have time,” Coleman recounts.

The mother of the 13-year-old made a decision that would be difficult for any parent to make. She began to question her son on his alleged involvement in the carjacking and eventually brought him to the police station.

“It was his mother becoming aware of the event and questioning her son and turning him over to the juvenile courts for prosecution,” Capt. Donnell Moore of the St Louis Metropolitan Police Department said. And that “Investigators are still working to find the second suspect.”

As for Pastor Coleman, he believes that prosecution is necessary and important, not out of meanness or ugliness but to let the kids know that what they have done is evil and horrific and to prevent them from doing anything similar in the future. He hopes to see something positive out of it.

He also noted that the kids might be working for some group far more dangerous with evil intentions while he praised the mother for making the difficult decision of reporting her son to the police. “I commend her for turning him in because that’s probably the hardest thing, but the best thing, she could do for him…” the pastor expressed.

Meanwhile, Pastor Coleman welcomed the mother and the boy to his Church and also wished for a better future for the teenager.

“We don’t exclude anybody. We are a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints,” the pastor said. “I don’t want this to define his life. I don’t want this to follow him, ” Coleman said. He is also hoping to help the community in the wake of the incident.