Hero Neighbor Springs Into Action To Save Choking Man

A Florida man was saved from choking to death while having his steak dinner by a neighbor this week.

Karen Aranda’s doorbell camera recorded the incident when her choking neighbor ran to her house asking for help because of her flawless Heimlich maneuver.

“You saved my life,” neighbor Billy Bass said in the video after catching his breath and the two can be seen hugging.

Bass, a middle school gym teacher, was choking on a piece of steak, “I was gonna die,” Bass said, “I had no breath. I couldn’t speak. I had nothing going on.”

So he ran across the street barefoot to his neighbor’s door, struggling to breathe for about 20 seconds before the door opened and he signaled that something was stuck in his throat.


“You’re choking?” Aranda asked – before spinning Bass around and beginning the Heimlich – without waiting for an answer.

She cleared his airway almost immediately. “Did it come out?” she asked.


“Yea it came out,” a second male said in the video. Aranda then shouted for someone to call 911, but Bass, regained his breath and his voice, said he was OK.

“I can breathe now,” he said. “I could not breathe.” Someone came out of the house comes out with a bottle of water for Bass as he regains his breath and thanks his neighbors.

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