Police Officer Teaches Teen How To Tie A Necktie Instead Of Giving Ticket

A viral video shows a police officer showing a young boy how to tie a necktie in time for his homecoming dance.


Single mom in Park City, Utah, Christy Carter was hurrying to get her son 17-year-old Jake get ready for his homecoming dance when they realized that neither she nor Jake knew how to tie a necktie. “Everybody learned from their dads,” Jake said.

Carter tried to google for instructions and videos, but in vain. His date was waiting for him, along with his friends, to go together to the dance together. “I was like, ‘I haven’t left the house yet,’” Jake recounted.

Finally his mom and he gave up and rushed to the car with the tie still untied. Her mind was disturbed on the dance, and she ended up not stopping completely at the traffic signal and was pulled over by a police officer. “I look behind me to see those dreaded flashing lights,” the mom wrote on Facebook.

She said she was feeling awful that I didn’t know how to tie a tie for her son on his big day and now she was making him get late for his big day. When the officer walked up to their car, he knew something was wrong. “He was upset,” Park City Officer Mike Carrillo said of Jake. “I didn’t think that giving his mom a citation was going to help issues any.”

Without giving them a ticket, he asked them what was wrong. Carter told him everything and Jake asked the officer if he knew how to tie a tie. Carrillo then invited the boy outside the car to show him how to tie a tie.

As Carrillo showed Jake how to correctly tie a tie, Carter pulled out her phone and began recording it. She said in the video, “It’s not every day you have a police officer tying your tie for homecoming.”

After Jake’s tie was tied beautifully by the officer, the teen thanked him, asking “Am I allowed to give you a hug?” The policeman then let them off with a warning so they could make it to the event on time.

Carter praised Carillo on Facebook for his act of kindness to them, saying, “A big shout out to this Park City Police Officer who saved the day in an unusual way for a stressful, sinking, single Mom moment!” Carter wrote. “He had every right to write me a ticket.”

“We are proud of Officer Carrillo and his actions to turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one,” a representative for Park City Police Department wrote on Facebook. “To make an impression on someone’s life — I’m always wanting to help people,” Carrillo said. “So it hit home for me.”

Watch: Officer Helps Young Man To Tie A Necktie Instead Of Giving Him A Ticket

What an amazing act of kindness by police officer Carrillo, he is such an example of kindness and compassion to the entire police force in our country.


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