Once Homeless New York Pastor Is Hailed For Serving Families Impacted By Coronavirus

A pastor in New York has been working endlessly to help people who have been impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic.


Pastor Francisco Fernandez received a parade of appreciation on May 5 in front of Iglesia Sol De Justicia, a small church that rests in the heart of Brooklyn.

Cars honked their horns and passengers applauded Pastor Fernandez for tirelessly distributing much-needed food and hygiene products to families in need.

“The community’s greatest need right now is food,” the pastor said. “They’re crying out for food. They’re hungry. This is a time we need to step out of the four walls.”


Fernandez partnered with the Christian aid group, World Vision to distribute family emergency kits that contain enough food to feed a family of five for one week.

World Vison manager Sandy Aguila-Rosa said Fernandez understands the need for his community, which has suffered greatly during the pandemic.


“So many people were dying of COVID-19. And he was here working until midnight with his wife and some volunteers, delivering food to the people that wouldn’t come out because they were afraid,” Aguila-Rosa said. “He knew their need as well.”

Pastor Fernandez, was homeless once upon a time, and well understands the current situation more than most. “I know the need. I know what hunger is. I know what it is to go without food, without a place,” he said.

“I always tell everybody, you know…to God be the glory of all things, you know, it’s not about me. It’s all about Him,” the pastor added.

“I’m no hero. I’m just God’s hands and feet where he needs me.”

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