Stranger’s Act Of Kindness Leaves Teacher In Tears

It has been the most hectic time for teachers this year as they have been shuffling between rules to ever-shifting lesson plans to online classes.

Rachel Borsgard, former educator at SeaWorld, teaches third-graders at a school in Southern California, this month, she was doubting her capabilities and asking herself if she was being the best teacher she could be.


She took to her Facebook page to share about the note she received from a darling student that read “Miss .B She was a exsulent tetchr.” She wrote, “The timing of this note could not have been any better,” she posted. “Earlier this week, I broke down. You guys, teaching is REAL. I lay in bed most nights thinking about my kids and worrying about if I’m giving them the love and education they deserve.”

“It is so easy to fall into doubt and comparison as a first year teacher. And then, you guys, they give me notes like this. I am an exsulent tetchr.” She also received an amazing act of kindness from a complete stranger while buying class supplies at the Mission Valley Target in August.

The act of kindness was shared on her Facebook page, “Let me introduce you to my new friend, Nicky,” she began. “Today I made runs to three different Targets to get supplies for my classroom, and ended up at the Target in Mission Valley.”

“I filled up my cart to the point of almost overflowing, and then went to go check out. As I was getting ready to grab my wallet out of my purse, a woman comes up behind me and asks if I’m a teacher.”

“I jokingly respond, ‘Yes, can you tell?’” She then says THAT SHE’LL PAY FOR ME.”

Breaking down into tears, Borsgard refused, saying that her haul cost too much — but Nicky wouldn’t take no for an answer, and commandeered the card reader, paying for every last item in Borsgard’s loaded cart. “The cashier beams and says, ‘See? There are still beautiful things happening in this world,’” she continued.


The teacher resisted the urge to hug the lady and instead asked for a photo, which is present in the story of generosity. “I will literally think about her every single day as I look around my classroom at all the things she purchased for me and my students,” Borsgard wrote. “Excuse me while I continue to sob.”

We are sure that by now Borsgard must be feeling encouraged that she’s doing the best job, changing lives and experiencing life changing moments too.


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