Complete Strangers Work As A Team To Lift Van Off Woman After Crash

A woman in Indianapolis, Indiana, found herself in a dangerous position when her car overturned and was pinned under it, but thankfully people turned up to rescue her and save her life.


Laurie Collins, who lives near the site of the crash said in a comment on Facebook, that she was out running errands, and responded immediately when she saw what had happened. “I heard the impact,” she said, “I just didn’t see it.”

When she got closer to the scene, she says, “You could see the lady was underneath the van,” she said.

“All of a sudden, all these people came out of nowhere, all kinds of different people and they were all trying to help together.”

“You could see them talking to her trying to get her, assess her and they all just kind of said, ‘We’re gonna get this van off her.’”

“I think they said, ‘one, two, three’ and they all pushed up and they almost couldn’t get it, so like, two more guys came over and were trying to help.”

“There was two people kneeling in front of her, like kind of stroking her hair and trying to get her to not move.”

Eventually, the van was lifted and the woman was moved out of its way. “There was no hesitation,” Collins said. “There was no decisions. It was instant, like everybody automatically worked together.”

Although the current status of the woman was unknown. “[L]ast I heard she was hanging in there but in critical condition,” Collins responded in the comments of one of her posts.

Collins said witnessing people work together so positively was heartening even though they didn’t know each other or what views the others held, they all worked together to save a life.

“If we can have small moments like this and build those small moments into bigger things,” she said, “we’re gonna head in the right direction.”

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