Students Surprises Professor After Learning She’s Spending Christmas Alone

In a cute story of kindness, a class of high school students adopted their professor for the holidays as they got to know she spends the holiday on her own.

Texan Educator, Professor Wharton had informally shared with her students that she will not have anyone to spend Christmas with during her Composition 1 class. She had said, “Both of my parents have passed away. And my sister, my only sibling, passed away,” and added, “I don’t have immediate family. I do have some cousins, but we aren’t real close.”

She had no idea about how much of a profound effect her statement would have on her students and especially touched 16-year-old Belinda Ramirez, who jumped into action to make sure that her teacher would not have to spend the holiday alone.

She planned a little Christmas get-together on the final day of the semester and exams, and wrote about it on Twitter saying, “So we all got together to surprise our professor who usually spends Christmas alone,” Ramirez said, “It really is the little things.”

No one expected the video to garner over 100K retweets in just under a week with many wanting to shower love and gifts on Professor Wharton. But this where the twist is, as Ramirez puts it, “As much as Professor Wharton would love to receive gifts and letters, she would rather the generosity go to a bigger cause.”

Wharton wants all gifts and donations to go to the American Cancer Society or to just reach out to others.

Isn’t this what the holiday stands for, let us reach out to the others today and make a little impact in this world for Jesus.