1-Year-Old Uses Sign Language to Communicate with Deaf Sister

A heartwarming video shows a 1-year-old boy using American Sign Language (ASL) to talk to his deaf sister.

1 year old using sign language

Tyanna Myers, the mother, wanted all her kids to learn ASL to support their sister. “I love how empathetic they are and how aware they are of Lyric without making her feel left out or different,” Tyanna said.

“It’s just their normal thing. They’re like, ‘Okay, she’s deaf. This is what we have to do to communicate with her,’ and that’s totally fine.” Her dedication helps the siblings stay close and understand each other.

In the video, the younger brother uses simple ASL signs to communicate with his sister. Watching young children use sign language is inspiring.

Tyanna shared, “They already have little secret signs they use with each other. It’s fun to watch because that’s their thing. I can’t even infiltrate that. They’re just so fun to watch them communicate at such a young age.”

Tyanna encourages other families to learn ASL too. “Accessibility is possible. It’s not as hard as you may think,” she said. This shows that with effort and love, we can overcome barriers.

Let’s think about how we can support and understand each other better. By learning and adapting, we show love and make our families stronger.

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