10-Year-Old Girl Saves Newborn’s Life From Watching YouTube Videos

Most 10 year old girls love eating ice-cream and playing with their dolls, but not this one, Chloe Carrion too loves playing her dolls, but she has managed to do what even grownups cannot do.

She has come to the rescue of her aunt and cousin all thanks to love for playing with baby dolls.

Chloe was at home with her aunt in Fairfax, Virginia when suddenly she heard her screams coming from the bathroom, saying she had just given birth to a baby.

With no grownups at home, Chloe didn’t know what to do and didn’t believe her aunt as she had kept her pregnancy a secret from her family.

Once Chloe went to the bathroom to see her aunt, she handed Chloe the baby and went to lie down in the bathtub as she was bleeding profusely, and soon passed out.

Little Chloe immediately called 911 before calling her mom and informed them about the situation.

Chloe recollected a series of YouTube videos, she had seen of techniques of taking care of baby dolls, so she tried using them to take care of her newborn cousin.

She cleaned the baby, swaddled him, and then cut the umbilical cord with the 911 dispatcher’s help.

Soon Chloe’s mom and the paramedics arrived and found the 10-year-old totally in control of the situation.

Chloe’s mother said that when they arrived at the door, she was standing at the front door carrying the little baby swaddled, rocking him back and forth. She said Chloe was so brave and she felt so proud of her and even as an adult she wouldn’t have been able to do what she did.

Chloe’s aunt was rushed to the hospital and is intent on raising the baby and has let her name the baby Isaac.

We are speechless after seeing this video and thank God for what Chloe did for her aunt and family.

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