10-Year-Old Guitarist Asks Band for a Chance and Stuns Crowd with Electrifying Performance

A young guitarist amazed a festival crowd when he joined a band on stage and played a classic rock song.

jake collinson guitar player

At the Painshill festival in Cobham, Surrey, England, 10-year-old Jake Collinson attended the event with his parents. He held a homemade sign that read, “Let Me Play Guitar With You.”

Rick Parfitt Junior, the son of the late Status Quo star Rick Parfitt, noticed the sign while performing with the RPJ Band. Rick read it aloud and said to the audience, “That’s a bit of a risk.” Curious if Jake could actually play, he invited the boy on stage after Jake eagerly nodded.

Rick, who was scheduled to play at the Isle of Wight Festival the next night, asked Jake about his favorite band. Jake replied with “Guns N’ Roses” and said he wanted to play “Sweet Child of Mine,” known for its iconic guitar solo by Slash. Rick was astonished, exclaiming, “Are you serious?,” as a guitar was brought on stage for Jake.

The crowd, numbering about 5,000, watched anxiously as Rick joked, “This could either be incredible or… incredible obviously.” Jake then began playing the song’s intro and delivered an outstanding performance that stunned everyone.

On his own Instagram page, Jake posted the video of his performance, adding, “Can’t believe this happened. Think it went quite well.”

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