Pregnant Woman Break Into Dance With Husband And Hospital Staff Before Her 30 Hour Labor

Experiencing labor for the first time can be a very daunting task for any expecting mom, but this daring Florida woman, channeled all the nervous energy she was feeling about labor into a totally different level.

Alicia Exantus and husband Miller were going into face a gruelling 30-hour labor, when she decided to welcome her labor pains by first grooving on “Baby Mama Dance.”

In the video you will see Alicia taking the lead in center of the hallway, dancing and rubbing her pregnant belly with joy and laughter.

Thereafter her husband Miller gets into the thick of the action in the hallway, and shows off his dance steps and happiness for his new baby.

Not to be left behind, the hospital staff also join in the dance party before they join in assisting the couple in their childbirth.

The dancing couple have since welcomed their new baby girl Tatum. We pray for God’s blessing and mercy to rest on the family.

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