2-Year-Old ‘Strict’ Preacher Quiets Dad When He Interrupts Her Sermon With Loud ‘Hallelujah’

When the disciples tried to stop the little children from coming to Jesus, He told them, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom belongs to such as these.” One little girl’s video has gone viral because she quietened her dad when he tried to interrupt her preaching with a loud “Hallelujah.”


The video was shared in May last year, which shows the 2-year-old little girl captivating hearts pretending to preach a sermon holding a microphone in her hand. She could be seen preaching to an imaginary audience with authority in her voice as she said, “Today, we are going to talk about Jesus.”

The dad wanted to support her, so he shouted a loud “Hallelujah!” but then something hilarious happened. The strict little girl hushed her dad and said, “That’s too loud.” To which her dad responded, “Okay, sorry.”

The little preacher didn’t want her dad to disturb her message again and so she told him, “Do it nicely, okay?”


This time he agreed and let out a softer version of “Hallelujah” again.

After that the little girl continued to preach to her imaginary congregation.


The girl really knows the word of God and seems to be really serious about God, her parents have done a great job in teaching her about the Lord at a young age and we can’t wait for the day when she grows us to fulfill the calling in her life.

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