Toddler Has Heartfelt Response to Finding Out Her Mom Was Adopted

When words flow innocently from a child, they carry a magic potent enough to touch, heal, and maybe even transform hearts. This unfiltered sincerity was displayed in a heartfelt exchange between TikTok influencer Emily Fauver and her 3-year-old daughter Ella, where an ordinary conversation unexpectedly bloomed into a tender moment, spreading across the digital world and tugging at the heartstrings of millions.

adopted mom response from daughter

When little Ella curiously inquired, “Why is Mimi your mom?”, Emily casually shared her adoption story, enveloping the heavy truth with simple words: “I was adopted, actually.” Emily continued, explaining the complex emotional landscape with words that a 3-year-old could grasp: “Because my mommy didn’t want me. My mommy didn’t want me, so a new mommy came and got me.”

Ella, absorbing this truth, responded with purity that only a child’s heart can hold, saying: “Aw, I want you. I really want you. I’ll be your mommy.” This unsolicited, innocent love brought tears to Emily’s eyes, her heart no doubt swelling at the profound love her daughter expressed. She couldn’t help but embrace Ella, sharing through tears, “Give me a hug. That is so sweet. That’s exactly why I had you.” And Ella, becoming a pillar of her mother’s emotional strength, reiterated: “I’m your mommy now.”

The moment, frozen in time and shared on Instagram, became a heartening reminder of the pure, unconditional love that children emanate. Garnering over 1.6 million views, the video spiraled into a cascade of empathy, support, and shared stories from the digital community. Emily, cognizant of the divine moment they had shared, wrote: “This little girl has no idea how much she’s healed my inner child in just three short years. God knew my heart needed you.”

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as theseMark 10:14

Watch the emotional video below.