‘Pray Every Night’: 103-Year-Old WWII Veteran Shares Key Advice for Young People

Sam Avolicino, a 103-year-old WWII veteran from California, advises young people to “Pray every night.” His secret to a long, fulfilling life includes enjoying good wine, food, and the love of a wonderful wife. He believes in the simple joys of life, stating, “I’m Italian, so pasta is the first thing that comes to my mind.”


Born in Italy in 1920 and moving to the United States when he was just three months old, Avolicino grew up in the Bay Area and joined the Army Air Force during World War II. There, he served as a physical training instructor, using his energy and charisma to boost the troops’ morale. “My CO wanted to find a person that could lead a yell,” Avolicino recalls about his time in the military.

After the war, he found himself at the Nuremberg Opera House in Germany, managing entertainment for the troops. This job had him working with famous entertainers like Bob Hope and Mickey Rooney. Avolicino’s efforts even included organizing the first Christmas mass at the opera house in 1945, creating a memorable experience for the soldiers.

Avolicino credits much of his happiness and long life to his wife, Agnes, with whom he has been married for nearly 72 years. Together, they have four children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. His family life has been filled with love, support, and strong values, something he has always put at the forefront, even during his busy career that required frequent travel.

His advice to the younger generation emphasizes the importance of family, faith, and not letting outside influences sway them from what’s truly important. “I recommend all children pick up on God, start to believe in the hereafter and go to church. Pray every night. God’s been the most important person in my life. Respect your parents and listen to your parents. Don’t let outside influences get to you, which is very difficult today,” he advises, stressing the significance of God in his life and the importance of respecting and listening to one’s parents.

WATCH: 103-Year-Old WWII Veteran Shares Keys to a Long and Happy Life


World War II Veteran Sam Avolicino, who just turned 103, shared his keys to a long and happy life. ❤️ ( via Today Show)

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Now, Avolicino enjoys staying active and connected, even getting involved in technology by making his own greeting cards. He looks back on a life well-lived, guided by faith, filled with love, and always aimed at contributing positively to his community and family.

Sam Avolicino’s journey through more than a century of experiences, his contributions during and after the war, and his dedication to his family and faith offer valuable lessons. His story is a powerful reminder of the importance of cherishing life’s simple pleasures and holding tight to the values of faith and family.

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