Airman Helps Elderly Woman Take Groceries Home

A heartwarming incident has been reported in Oklahoma where a U.S Air force member was spotted giving an elderly woman with groceries a ride home.


Jibril Jennings, of the Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, spotted Janice Hall, carrying heavy bags during her two-mile walk in the heat of the day, close to Interstate 240, she was walking home from Walmart with her arms full of groceries.

He said that it was around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and Hall was “struggling” to carry her bags. He offered Hall a ride home, to which she happily agreed.


Unknown to the two, passerby Amber Roy was busy recording the pair filling up Jennings’ car with Hall’s groceries. “The way that people were driving, I didn’t think that anyone was recording,” the serviceman, who works as a radio operator aboard the Airborne Warning and Control System, said. “I didn’t even realize that there was anyone around me until someone stopped, parked behind us and put their hazards on while I was helping load stuff into her car.”

Jennings said that as soon as they were in the car, the lady started talking to him about her day and reminded him of his own grandma. The footage has been shared by Roy on her Facebook, and has got more than 3.3 million views to date.

Hall too says she wasn’t aware that they were being recorded and said she enjoys the walk home from Walmart because of the exercise and is not one bit concerned by the heat and that she preferred it to the air conditioning any day.


Jennings apparently helped carry the woman’s purchases in to her home and she said, “That man was really a sweet guy, (I) just couldn’t believe it,” Hall mused. “Then he come over here and helped carry this stuff in.” Now Jennings is planning to get some of his Air Force friends to fix the broken ramp outside Hall’s home.

This story has melted our hearts today as we can’t help admire our Airman Jennings for his generosity and how he went above and beyond to help the elderly lady out.

Watch Airman helping the elderly woman.