Dad Surprises Daughter With Art Craft Tie She Made At Age 5 To Wedding

Keep a bunch of tissues ready because this story is going to make you cry. A father-daughter relationship is one of the most precious things in life and no matter how old a daughter becomes, she will always be daddy’s little girl.


Megan Becker-Towns used to love doing art and craft and one day she made her father a tie as an art craft for Father’s Day at age 5. He promised to wear it on her wedding day and did keep his word!

Glenn Becker was surprised when he received a debonair paper laminated tie from Megan for Father’s Day several years ago, the little girl worked many hours using construction paper and crayons to surprise her dad. Glenn was impressed by her effort and promised to wear it on her wedding day.

When her father told her he would wear it on her big day, Megan was bursting with excitement, “When I was little, I would get excited again that he liked it so much he would wear it to my wedding,” she recalled. For the rest of her childhood, he proudly hung the tie over his bedroom mirror to display it.

But as she grew up to become a young lady, she wasn’t so amused by the thought of him wearing it for her wedding, “When I was a teenager I thought it was silly and would roll my eyes at him,” she said.

Soon the tie got misplaced around the time she was getting married as her parents had moved and Megan thought that it might have been lost during that time. When she asked her dad, he too seemed to echo the same feeling.

The big day arrived and Megan walked down the aisle to get married along with her dad who gave her away, but when the time came for the father-daughter dance, he was nowhere to be seen. A little while later, Glenn turned up on the dance floor wearing the crayon-colored, laminated tie.

That surprise was too much for Megan who burst into tears, “I was surprised and cried,” she said, turns out Glenn had kept the tie safely in his toolbox until the wedding.

Truly moved by her dad’s gesture at her wedding, Megan said, “My dad is a big jokester, he always has been. So many people were touched at my wedding, I thought other people would be as well. I just want to share what my dad did for me.”

"Let me talk about this picture for a second and tell you how much it means to me. When I was 5 years old, I made this…

Posted by Love What Matters on Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Let’s congratulate Megan and her husband on their wedding and wish them a happy wedded life. Glenn has made memories for his daughter and family through this sweet and thoughtful act of his.

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