Australian DrillDance Routine Wows The Internet

Crikey! You won’t believe your eyes when you watch this spellbinding Australian drilldance routine! No matter how hard you search, you won’t catch even the slightest error in their performance.


In the United States, we have dance and drill teams, but it seems Australia has brilliantly merged the two into one incredible sport. Meet Enigma, the team that has taken this fusion to new heights!

We’ve all seen or participated in activities like cheerleading, marching band, color guard, dance teams, or show choir, where precision and timing are crucial. A single misstep or forgotten beat can cost dearly in a competition. There’s no room for slackers here!

Enigma lives up to its name, as these young women appear as enigmatic as bedazzled flamingos in boots! Their coordinated movements and expressions give off a nearly robotic vibe, resembling a regiment of soldiers more than a group of dancers. With flawless uniformity in their hairstyles, facial expressions, and steps, Enigma showcases a plethora of mesmerizing moves.

From traditional marching to goose-stepping, fast-paced strides to slow, deliberate walks, Enigma’s repertoire is vast. They even perform a slick slide step at 1:45 and an elegant toe step at 2:45, though those might not be the official terms. The team moves in all directions, incorporating arm gestures, salutes, and intricate formations. The dedication and hours of practice behind this discipline are truly awe-inspiring!

As the 2022 Australia DrillDance Championship gold medalists, this 15-member team from South Australia is a force to be reckoned with. The Omaha School of Music and Dance published a blog post discussing the connection between music and math, highlighting their shared reliance on patterns. With this in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising if these extraordinary drill dancers also excelled in math!

In a world where individual achievements and personal pursuits often take center stage, Enigma offers a refreshing reminder of the power of collective effort. This Australian drilldance team exemplifies what can be achieved when a group of talented individuals comes together, working in perfect harmony to create a breathtaking performance. So, let’s tip our hats to Enigma and their stunning display of teamwork and dedication!


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