Adorable 8-Week-Old Baby Wows Mom Saying ‘I Love You’

Its for sure that babies mimic their parent’s voice and try to imitate their sounds and face from an early age. Generally their first words used to be “mama”, “dada” or “yes” “No” to start with. However saying “I love you” at just 8 weeks of age is something uncommon and truly amazing! Here an infant made an incredible impression with her sweet cute babbling, imitating her mom saying” I love you”!!

The adorable video shows the little baby struggles to responds her moms voice and babbling its way through, she accidentally responds to her mother’s “I Love you” in the most stunning way! Listen her closely as this sweet baby girl tries her best to say “ I Love You” to her mom. While spoiling her little princess, this mother would have never imagined to receive such a priceless treat from her toddler!

“I Love You “! These magic words are the best few words in all the letters to make us feel loved! I am sure, the science is yet to reach out to this early miracle from a human baby and till such time let’s get tuned to enjoy this bundle of cuteness!

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