Community Helps Out 9-Year-Old Girl Who Held Bake Sale To Pay For Father’s Funeral

A fourth-grader from Kentucky is using her love of baking to raise money for her dad’s funeral.

9-year-old Kaylei Miller’s father dad Sunday night in a car accident.


A GoFundMe page set up for the family revealed that her dad did not have life insurance and the family does not have funds for funeral expenses.

That made Miller decide to host a bake sale to raise funds for her father’s funeral service. “I just wanted to raise money so we could have a funeral for my dad,” Miller said.

On Wednesday, she baked a ton of sweets in the kitchen, along with her family. Among the goodies they made was a red velvet cake with bright pink frosting and sprinkles, brownies, cookies, and popcorn.

When people came to know about the bake sale at the Fairdale Dairy Queen on Thursday, through social media and word of mouth, where Kaylei was selling her goods, the entire community came out to support her.

There was a long line of cars waiting to buy the baked goods, among them was one generous couple, Jack and Debbie, who purchased two chocolate chip cookies for $1,000.

“The pandemic won’t stop us from caring about other people,” Jack said. “As my wife said, she lost her father when she was in the fourth grade and still remembers what it was like. We knew the kind of pain the young lady was going through and we wanted to help.”

The family found the support overwhelming, “It’s amazing that the community came together in a time of need from hearing Kaylei’s story and just wanting to help from all over,” Shalena Barton, Miller’s aunt said. “Just like her daddy. She’s an entrepreneur. He was all about making money and doing whatever it took to take care of his family.”

Kaylei said her daddy was everything to her and she was very grateful to everyone who came there and donated and bought her baked goods. “Just grateful,” Kaylei said. “I cried yesterday because of all the people who actually cared.”

As of Friday, the GoFundMe had raised over $13,000.

9-year-old Fairdale girl raising money for dad’s funeral through bake sales

UPDATE >>> Thanks to the community's support — including a couple who donated $1,000 — Kaylei Miller is one step closer to laying her father to rest.

“Just grateful,” Miller said. “I cried yesterday because of all the people who actually cared.”

Posted by WAVE 3 News on Friday, January 8, 2021

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