Boy Sings To Cheer Up Best Friend Who Had A Bad Day In Heartwarming Video

A really cute video making the rounds shows a young boy cheering up his best friend by singing to her after she had a tough day at school.

This sweet and heartwarming video is sure to brighten your day. We all need friends like these in our lives, especially when we’re feeling down.

Evan Martinez is just seven years old, but when he heard that his best friend Bailey had a rough day and was sad, he sprang into action.

Bailey’s friends at school had rudely told her that neither of them wanted to play with her. This crushed her and left her very upset, but she didn’t know that the day would end beautifully for her.

Bailey called Evan’s mom, Ruby Jimenez, and told her what had happened, asking if Evan could come over and hang out with her. Ruby then told Evan about Bailey’s day, and he had a brilliant plan up his sleeve.

Evan began singing a song that he knew would cheer up Bailey and mean a lot to her. He practiced the song repeatedly, singing it in the van as his mom drove him to Bailey’s house.

When they arrived at Bailey’s house in El Paso, Texas, she came out to the street, and Evan climbed out of the car while Ruby played Bruno Mars’ “Count on Me.”

Evan serenaded her with a loving look on his face, and it was the sweetest thing you’ll ever see. His hard work was evident in how his hands moved with his singing.

When the song finally ended, Evan ran and embraced his best friend, who was now beaming. They stood there hugging for what felt like forever. God bless them.