6-Year-Old Comforts Crying Baby Sister in Adorable Video

Parenting is often described as one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles in life. For many, it’s a journey that needs dedication, love, and patience. And sometimes, they get a little help from their older children. This was the case for Erin Barsness, who witnessed a touching moment between her two daughters that has since warmed the hearts of many online.

big sister comforting little sister

The video posted on YouTube captures a candid moment where 6-year-old Deklyn comforts her younger sister, Emmy, who is upset and crying. Sitting on the couch with Emmy on her lap, Deklyn gently rocks the baby back and forth, attending to her needs. As she does this, the pacifier falls out of the baby’s mouth. Without missing a beat, Deklyn promptly places the pacifier back in her little sister’s mouth, causing the crying to cease.

Not stopping there, Deklyn tenderly swipes away the tears from her sister’s face, providing comfort and solace in a heartwarming display of love and care.

Erin, their mother, recalled the moment: “When Emmy was crying, Deklyn ran over to her and started comforting her and consoling her,” she said. “I went to get up to go help her, and kind of relieve her since she was the first one over there. And she turned to me, and she said, ‘No, mom, I got this.’”

The video has struck a chord with many, showcasing the innate love and kindness that can exist between siblings. Deklyn’s actions exemplify the compassionate spirit that makes such moments truly precious and beautiful.

In a world where acts of kindness can sometimes seem few and far between, the Barsness family’s story is a reminder that even the smallest gestures of love can make a big difference. And sometimes, those gestures come from the most unexpected sources.

“She’s really good at parenting, and I know it’s hard work for Mom,” Deklyn said. “So, then I just help them when they need help, like, with baby sisters.”

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