One Bird Revives Injured Friend After It Hit Window

The internet is filled with images of birds and animals helping each other out, engaging in behaviors that warm the hearts of humans. Life in the animal kingdom can be tough, but witnessing these acts of interspecies compassion gives us hope.

Recently, Yvonne Clifford witnessed a stunning scene right outside her home in Limerick, Ireland. Looking through her glass patio door, she saw a bird lying on its back, with a second ‘rescuer’ bird circling around it, seemingly trying to assess the extent of the injured bird’s condition in an attempt to help.


The ‘rescuer’ bird, a blue tit, got really close to the injured one, pecking and nudging it until it moved its legs. The injured bird then flipped from its back to its front. After a few more nudges, it started to flutter its wings, and eventually, both birds flew off together.


The video was shared by Yvonne on the Irish Bird Identification Public Facebook group, Yvonne wrote: ‘So this poor little bird hit our window over the weekend and what happened next just made our day. Isn’t nature simply amazing!’


The post quickly went viral. One user Colette O Brien commented: ‘I never saw anything so cute in my life that is so sweet.’ While Elaine Keenan posted: ‘That is the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen. So many underestimate wildlife. These birds could teach compassion and patience to a lot of human beings.’


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  1. Sweet ending! I would recommend special window decals for All your windows so birds can realize that it’s a solid object and don’t break their necks! It will happen again if you do not….

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