Blind Bahamas Man Carries Disabled Son To Safety As Hurricane Dorian Destroys Their Home

A blind man from the Bahamas carried his disabled son to safety when Hurricane Dorian wrecked havoc on the islands.


After the roof of Brent Lowe’s house was blown off in Abaco, he waded through chin-high water to reach safety carrying his 24-year-old son who has cerebral palsy and can’t walk.

“I was terrified,” Lowe said, “I didn’t realize the water was that deep. I was thinking maybe knee deep. It wasn’t until I stepped off and I realized, oh, I wonder if it gets deeper because that means I have to swim with him, you know what I mean. But thankfully it didn’t get over my head.”

Lowe, speaking from Nassau, said he huddled in his house with his son, his sister-in-law, other relatives and some neighbors while the storm pounded Abaco. Then the roof came off.
“At that time it was raining and raining hard,” he said. “So I picked him up, threw him on my shoulder and when I stepped off my porch, my front porch, the water was chin high, up to my chin. … We all had to walk out into the water and into the wind to the neighbor’s house.”


The five-minute walk seemed like eternity, as they finally made it to their neighbor’s house, where he and his son stayed till they could be taken to a shelter, he said.

After being evacuated to Nassau, he’s receiving dialysis treatment which he requires to stay alive and his son is being taken care off by his sister-in-law.

“He is with her right now,” Lowe said. “I really hope to get in contact with him because I really miss him. I want to see him.”


Lowe says that their home in Abaco is completely destroyed due to Dorian, and now that he is 49 years old and his son is 24 years old, and he’s been disabled for 11 years with his ex-wife and family taking care of him and a caretaker taking care of his son.

Now Lowe doesn’t know where they will stay now as says he needs help as they don’t even have a home of their own. “We need a place to go,” Lowe said. “I don’t know exactly what we are going to do. We need help.”

Our hearts go out to this blind father and disabled son with no home left for them to go back to. This is the time for people to help their brothers and sisters facing this calamity and let them know that they are not alone.


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