‘Christmas Miracle’: 4-Year-Old Boy Who Fell Into Well Is Rescued After 6 Hours

It’s being described as ‘a Christmas miracle’ by first responders who went above and beyond to rescue a 4-year-old boy who fell into a water well.


The first responders in Starr County took a massive 6 hours chiseling free the little Texas boy on Tuesday when they received a chilling call about it after 4.pm.

The boy had fallen into the well on a ranch property in Garceño and fire and emergency officials responded from all areas and worked as a team to get him out. According to tweets, he had fallen into an “8-inch wide pit,” which made crews use chisels to rescue him.

“So proud of our Mission firefighters & all 1st responders that rescued the child after 6 long hrs,” the city said in another tweet, sharing a video of the moment rescuers pulled the boy free.

Robert Alvarez, the assistant fire chief of the Mission Fire Department, said his department’s team that was trained in trench rescues were at the scene to assist. “The biggest thing that we were trying to make sure was that the operation was done safely,” he said.

The crew worked in a spot parallel to where the boy was and when they were deep enough, they started removing dirt from the exterior wall of the hole where he was. Alvarez said “everybody was relieved,” when the boy was free.

Starr County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page shared that he was taken to hospital late Tuesday and underwent testing, his condition was stable.

“Last night proved to be a testament of our community and neighboring communities’ unity and sincere concern for each other,” Starr County Sheriff Rene “Orta” Fuentes said in a Facebook post.

“Through prayers and actions from everyone involved a little boy lives today.”


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