9-Year-Old Boy Gives His Shoes And Socks To Barefooted Homeless Boy

A nine-year-old boy showed age is not a factor when he showed kindness to a homeless boy on a street in Malaysia by taking off his own socks and shoes and giving it to him.

Cheikh Faizal is a regular schoolboy and was walking with his father, Sofian past the Bukit Bintang station in Kuala Lumpur, an area where many homeless people are, and noticed the boy who looked his own age.

He felt bad for the bare-footed boy and wanted to do something for him, so he removed his own shoes and socks and put them on the cracked and dirty feet of the boy and walked home himself barefooted, the entire incident was filmed by his dad Sofian, a travel agent.

He said: “My son saw the young boy without shoes and made the decision himself that he wanted to help him. He showed his love for everyone there, even though they are homeless. He then went home without his shoes. He added, “Hopefully everybody in the world will see this positive message and we can make life better for every human being. There are many homeless people but if everybody makes a small gesture of kindness we can improve their lives.”


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