Bride and Her Dog Share Adorable First Dance After Wedding

An adorable video of a bride dancing with her pet collie on her big day will bring a smile to your face. Celebrating her wedding day, she and her pet dog danced to the ’80s hit song ‘Footloose.’


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24-year-old Sara Carson Devine is no ordinary bride. An ex-contestant of America’s Got Talent and a dog trainer, Sara and her dog, Hero, showed off their dance steps, enjoyed by their wedding guests.

“Today was a big day! So happy to have Hero by my side through my life’s journey. We had a Super Devine night,” Sara wrote in the caption.

As the two danced to Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose,” Hero even barked along to the music, making the moment even more amazing. During the dance, Sara created a hoop with her hand, and Hero impressively jumped through it onto her back.

Sara revealed her nervousness about dancing in her wedding gown without having practiced the dance with Hero, expressing surprise at how well their impromptu performance turned out. Congratulations to Sara on her wedding, and we look forward to seeing her and Hero perform more dances in the future.


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