Former Porn Star Brittni De La Mora Becomes A Pastor After Reading The Bible In A Hotel

Californian woman Brittni De La Mora who was once one of the world’s most successful porn stars has started a new life as a pastor.

31-year-old Brittni De La Mora and her husband Richard, preach at Cornerstone Church in San Diego, but it was not like this six years ago when Brittni was living a very different lifestyle.

Brittni De La Mora believes that suffering and pain have taught her vital lessons in life. She is now an author and speaker who regularly shares her faith and works to inspire people facing life struggles.

“Sometimes, hardships that come into our lives … are inevitable,” she said on a recent episode of “Let’s Talk Purity,” a show she co-hosts alongside her husband, Richard. “There was a time in my life … I actually was dating a guy who was murdered. He was stabbed in front of me.”

Listen: How De La Mora discovered the Bible during this traumatic event:

De La Mora was scared and went into hiding for a few days while authorities searched for those who committed the crime, and while isolated in a hotel, she found a Bible.

“I saw a Bible. I wasn’t a Christian. I was still in the porn industry during this time,” she explained. “And I remember taking that Bible … I just started reading all the scriptures that pertained to everything that I was going through, and I would write out the scriptures as they spoke to me, and I was so liberated during that time.”

She felt the fear that had taken a hold of her disappear as she delved into the scriptures. “Something about the word of God gave me so much hope, so much encouragement during one of the hardest seasons that I’ve ever been through in life,” she said.

With this announcement alone, 2019 is going to be even greater than 2018. My heart has been overflowing with joy and…

Posted by Brittni De La Mora on Monday, 14 January 2019

After becoming a Christian, De La Mora has learned how to deal with the pain and struggles that often plague people’s lives. She and Richard explained that “hardships are going to come” in life but that people must keep their “faith in God.” The couple encouraged people to keep “a pure heart during hard times” and explored a plethora of examples of the challenges that can come in life.

“There are so many things in this life right now that can affect the purity of our hearts,” Richard said early on in the “Let’s Talk Purity” episode. “We understand that there’s purpose in every season. When we understand that there’s purpose in every season, then we know there’s stuff God is trying to show us and teach us during every season.”

Richard says he has learned not to ask “God, why are you doing this?” but to ask what God was trying to show him through difficult circumstances. “Nothing grows our faith better than hard times,” Brittni added. “It’s when you go through hard times that God shows up.”

‘I’m beyond proud of my wife’s transformation,’ Richard said. ‘It just moves my heart because here was a woman who was once lost and now she is found.’

The couple has written two relationship books together, and are working as pastors for the young adult ministry in their church.


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