Husband And Wife Sing Worship Mashup of ‘King Of My Heart’ And ‘Goodness Of God’

Caleb and Kelsey sing a beautiful medley of ‘King Of My Heart’ and ‘Goodness Of God’ by Bethel Music.


The song ‘Goodness Of God’ was written by Jenn Johnson of Bethel Music. She and her husband, Brian are co-founders of Bethel Music in Redding, California and hope to inspire others to adopt, or support the adoption movement after their fourth child who they adopted, Ryder Moses changed their lives. It was at the adoption process that Jen found herself driving on a long country road and recorded a song on her phone which led to an impromptu recording session of ‘Goodness Of God.’

I love You, Lord
For Your mercy never failed me
All my days, I’ve been held in Your hands
From the moment that I wake up
Until I lay my head

Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God
And all my life You have been faithful
And all my life You have been so, so good
With every breath that I am able
Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God

‘King of My Heart’ was composed by husband and wife John Mark McMillan and Sarah, who preach the Father’s great love for us along with their song from their album, ‘Live at the Knight.’

Who is the King of your heart when everything around you is crashing and all your circumstances look like nothing you believed in? Will you still have faith in God? Will God still be the King of your heart? Beloved let us hold fast to what Jesus told us about the hard times in John 16:33, He told us that we will overcome them because He has overcome them already.

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