Evacuated California Couple Looking For Mystery Firefighter Who Took Care Of Their Home

An act of kindness shown by a stranger, leaves a deep impact on us, and especially for this California couple who were evacuated during the terrible Carr fire, and are desperately trying to track down a firefighter who looked after their home in their absence.

Susan and Jeff Grant came back home after the Carr fire subsided and were surprised to find a hand-written note, written by firefighter only known as Ray B. The note said that he had watered their plants and also taken care of their turkeys while they were gone.

The Grants are hopeful that he or somebody who knows him will see their Facebook post and contact them.

While doing an interview with the local news, Jeff left a message for Ray telling him that that if he saw the broadcast and would get in touch with them or if they could somehow get in touch with him, then he wanted to give him a big hug for all he had done for them.

We pray and hope that Ray the firefighter is safe and well, and that he would see their post and respond to the couple and meet up with them soon.

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