Dad Gets Ecstatic Call From Daughter During Thanksgiving Saying Her Tumor Is Gone

A video showing a dad from Salt lake City receiving the best news of the year from his daughter, with more than 1 million views will surely melt your heart.

The time was right, as it was just after Thanksgiving when his daughter told him that her tumor had gone. Ariana Marshall called her dad which was captured on video.

It shows her saying “Hi, Dad,” with a full smile on her face, her dad comes on the line and says, “Hi, Sweetheart. You’re on the phone with all of us.” She then tells him that her tumor has finally gone and as her father is startled and asks her “What?”, she says, “It’s gone.” Her dad even begins to cry in the video.

Ariana was suffering from a condition that can cause jaw tumors, but thankfully, God has healed her completely and you can see the excitement on her face when she says, that she doesn’t have to return to Huntsman Cancer Institute for the next six months.

We wish Ariana and her family the most happiest and blessed Christmas!

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