Cat Becomes Surrogate Mother To Injured Baby Monkey And Now They Are Inseparable

This unlikely story of friendship between a rescue cat and an abandoned baby monkey is melting the hearts all over the internet.

The Peepal Farm in Himachal Pradesh, India is a non-profit organization Co-founded by Joellen Anderson to aid abused, abandoned, injured and otherwise unwanted animals. It has rescued over 600 animals.

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Posted by Peepal Farm on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The farm shared one of their rescues on YouTube. It’s about a monkey named Avni. The video starts with a phone call the farm received. And the message was “There’s a monkey in Dharmsala with its arm ripped off.”. The next scenes of the video are really shocking. An electrocuted young Simian dangling on power lines with its mangled limb barely attached to it.

“We were able to just remove the arm without a surgery because the skin that was holding it had died, so she kind of had a bone sticking out,” Anderson explained.

The poor monkey had almost lost her arm, but she needed a surgery to remove the bone.

The surgery gave the little monkey a second chance at life. The farm named her Avni.

Though it was hard to recover from the injury, Avni got an amazing new friend, a rescue cat called Billo.

InspiringDuo #1 Avni and Billo

For our last feature, we wanted a couple whose bond transcended all the divides, even of…

Posted by Peepal Farm Products on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

“Billo just came right up and walked right in,” Anderson told The Dodo. “They started snuggling.

“It was immediate. We were like, ‘O.K., this might actually be a good thing for Avni, for her recovery so that it can help her reduce her stress. Because monkeys are really creatures of troops. They want a family.”

Avni found her new family in her unlikely feline companion. In fact, Billo became a surrogate mother for the abandoned baby monkey.

Wild Monkey Can't Stop Visiting Her Cat Best Friend

This wild baby monkey is obsessed with a cat 😍

Posted by The Dodo on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Nowadays, Avni spent most of her time with her kitty mama.

“Avni really likes to groom Billo,” Anderson said. “She just ruffles through her hair and pulls things out.”

Avni may have lost her family and her arm, but she has got a loving and caring friend.

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