Rescue Dog With Unique Features Is Spreading Love And Cheer On Social Media

Nothing affects people more than stories about dogs and cats on the internet. So when a rescue dog with unique looks was featured on social media it sent it into meltdown.


Two-year-old dog Lucky from Thailand has very different facial features which makes him stand out and often makes people check him out more than once. His face looks like a mix of a Chihuahua and a villain from a James Bond movie blended together!

“I saw a post on Facebook that said that Lucky needs to find a new home. When I saw his face, I immediately knew I wanted him so I contacted the owner to adopt him. I was surprised by his appearance but I thought he is perfect and very unique,” the new dog owner Charice Fca Cha said.


29-year-old Charice adopted Lucky three weeks ago, and when she put up a picture of her new family member on a dog owners’ community on Facebook it got 11,000 likes and over 600 comments which blew her mind.

One of Lucky’s eyes is a piercing pale blue while another is brown. he has one thick raised eyebrow which seems like he is either judging you or is considering taking over the world. Charice says, “Some people don’t believe this is his real eyebrow, they think I used a permanent pen to draw on his face or photoshopped him. And I understand that it’s hard to believe that dog can have a perfect eyebrow and what’s more, above a blue eye,” she said.


Lucky has a rare condition called heterochromia which makes people wonder if he can actually see but Charice says that he can see everything clearly.

Lucky is now getting used to his new forever home and learning to show love and receive it from others. “He is very mischievous, hyper, nervous, scared of any sounds and people, and a bit aggressive but I know this is because he’s never met other dogs or other people,” Charice shared. “Sometimes he bites Harry, my other dog because Lucky is very possessive of me. I’m planning to send him to school to learn how to be sociable. Other than that, he is very snuggly, playful, intelligent and he listens to my orders… sometimes.”


With all the love and attention Lucky is receiving from all over the world through social media, Charice has created social media accounts for Lucky to share his everyday life. Lucky is a little star and is helping spread a lot of cheer among people through his adorably cute looks.

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