Beloved Dog Stays By Elderly Owners Side 3 Days After He Dies

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and its loyalty and faithfulness to human beings is unquestionable. We are absolutely crushing on this beautiful story about the loving bond between a dog and his master.

A beautiful story of bonding between a human and a dog that transcended age and species is that of Robbie, who is an older dog at age 14 years old. He is a wheaton yellow Scotty, who loves to laze around the whole day, lying in the sun and on plush carpets. He was the steadfast companion of his master, a 93 year old gentleman.

They both lived in the rural areas of Columbia County, Wisconsin and used to spend their time tending to plants in the yard. There were very few people living around them and on one particular day when Robbie’s owner suffered a bout of heart problems, there was no one to help them.

By the time Robbie and his elderly master were found, the gentleman had tragically passed away. But like a faithful friend, Robbie stayed by his side and kept watch over him although he himself was famished, attacked by ticks, and sunburnt badly.

Robbie was rescued and kept in a foster home and is being well taken care of by his foster mum, Susan Jacoby, who is surprised by his resilience and praises his loyalty calling him a survivor.

Trust you enjoyed reading this amazing story, today if you are finding it hard to trust someone or to love someone then just look unto our savior Jesus Christ who loved us so much that He gave up His own life so that He could reconcile man with God.

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