Dog Looks Like Stuffed Animal Gets Amazing Transformation

A puppy, rescued from a litter and previously resembling a stuffed animal due to tetanus, has undergone an amazing transformation thanks to a kind woman who saved him.


The pup can now run and play after being nursed back to health. Although he did not have lockjaw, a common symptom of tetanus, he was initially unable to stand or sit on his own.

Tetanus is rare in dogs, being more common in humans and horses, but the bacteria can still significantly affect a dog’s nervous system.

Bosley’s condition was severe; he could not bend his front or back legs and had a stiff neck and tail. He required constant medical care, receiving treatments with antitoxins and antibiotics typically used for horses, which are also effective in dogs.

The veterinarian providing regular updates on Bosley’s condition reports steady improvement every day, thanks to ongoing love, support, and prayers.

By the second day, Bosley could slightly bend his back legs and sit down, marking a significant improvement. By the third day, he was eating chicken and drinking strengthening broth. Thanks to the much-needed tender loving care, by day 16, he was able to stand and had grown much stronger.

By day 21, Bosley was in a foster home with his mother, Bebe, and sister, Barbie, energetically running and chasing a ball with his sister. This achievement is a testament to the incredible work done by

Special recognition goes to the woman who assisted in Bosley’s miraculous recovery and to Bosley himself, who never gave up and endured until the end. These individuals, especially the woman who helped Bosley, are true angels.


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