Toddler Gives Dog A Hug And He Gives It Back

Experts in dog behavior say that dogs don’t like to be hugged, but looking at this dog in the video seems like he is enjoying it more than ever.

A video shared by a mom of her son hugging his dog, and then the dog hugging him back is warming hearts everywhere.


“He always hugs back,” she said.

As human beings, we are wired to express affection through hugging, but dogs show their love in other ways, as their legs cannot wrap around another dog or person.

The closest thing dogs can do is “standing over,” which is when they put their leg over their human’s back or shoulder. And this is probably what this dog is doing in this video.

@charliedelta1991He always hugs back #dogs #goldens

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We are in awe of our furry friends, what did we do to deserve them. This video again proves how loving and loyal they are to all of us.

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