Adorable Video Of Cow And Man Will Make You Smile

People often forget that the animals around us want our love and affection and have souls just like us.

But this kind gentleman in the video did not drive away the cow in it but gave it so much affection.

A man lies down for a few minutes and a cow spots it lying down and goes to it to snuggle and the man allows it to.

You can see the way the man is showing it love and affection and hugging it. We are proud of him and wish everybody was as kind and caring as him towards animals.

When God created this world, He put man and animals in it to co-habitate, and for man to take care of animals but instead of taking care of them, people throw stones and sticks at animals and mistreat them.

This video shows us that animals desire our love and care and we must treat them well.

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