Vet Goes Above And Beyond To Comfort A Scared Dog

A now-viral video featuring a veterinary doctor comforting a frightened dog is capturing hearts worldwide.


At first, the dog seems terrified of the doctor. However, the doctor’s gentle demeanor—kneeling down, lying next to the dog, and placing his head near the dog’s face—helps the canine warm up and trust him.

The veterinarian could have simply proceeded with vaccinating the dog and finishing the appointment, but instead, he takes extra time to build trust with the animal, a gesture that is quite rare.

The doctor in the video imparts an important lesson about kindness, showing that dogs, too, respond to love and compassion.

This touching video has garnered millions of views, resonating with many who appreciate the Rhode Island veterinarian’s approach.

Dr. Thomas Hamilton, also known as “Dr. Tom,” is a well-known veterinarian from Rhode Island and has amassed a following of over 3 million on TikTok, thanks to his social media presence.

Dr. Tom’s ability to quickly establish trust with various dogs at the Medical Center is attributed to his personal experiences with his childhood pet.

Dr. Tom shares a significant experience from his youth: “I had a pet Husky when I was a young boy, and once when I was alone a dog from outside came and was about to attack me. The Husky was chained up, but broke its chains and ended up saving my life.”

This incident forever changed his perspective on dogs and inspired him to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. He expresses his philosophy, saying, “What I want the world to realize is through kindness, love, and compassion, you can change a dog’s — any animal, really — perspective on who you are. It’s not like it’s the end goal to vaccinate them and send them on their way. I want to actually build a relationship with them.”

The viral video highlights Dr. Tom’s compassionate approach, showing how patience and kindness can build trust.

Dr. Tom’s actions pose an intriguing question: What if we extended this kindness and compassion to our fellow humans? The impact could be transformative, fostering a more compassionate and empathetic world.


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