11-Year-Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy Walks On Her Own In Tear-Jerking Video

Birkley has cerebral palsy, and her mom, Tamra Logan, has been updating Facebook on the progress of the 11-year-old since the day she was born.

Girl with cerebral palsy walks for first time

Amazing! Watch this 10-year-old with cerebral palsy enjoy walking for the first time in her life.

Posted by NBC Charlotte on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

According to Logan’s Facebook, Birkley has cerebral palsy, she contracted a viral infection called Cytomegalovirus before birth, which led to a host of health complications and resulted in Birkley struggling with pronounced hearing loss throughout her childhood. She’s been through more procedures and specialized therapies than some folks endure in a lifetime.

She has also gone through procedures like cochlear implant surgeries, corrective hip surgery, ongoing physical therapy, speech therapy and Botox for a condition called hypotonia. As the NHS website explains, this is essentially diminished muscle tone that can interfere with everyday functions like walking.

Her mom, Logan has never given up on her as her Facebook indicates that her daughter’s challenges have given her a new life purpose.

Posted by Special Living Today on Saturday, February 9, 2019

One of Logan’s posts says, “After I had Birkley, my passion has always been to create adaptive products,” it explains that her latest invention is “Skneeks” (pronounced “sneaks”), which are basically sneakers that can be strapped around the knees.

This is vital for Birkley, as her own legs are too weak to support her full weight, but the determined little girl would often scoot around the house on her knees.

A heartwarming video has recently surfaced of the moment when after 10 years of striving and staying focused, Birkley is finally walking on her own.

It is inspiring and receiving thousands of views and enthusiastic shares across social media. Birkley seems cheerful and happy and despite extremely difficult trials, Birkley has always been a cheerful person according to the Facebook updates shared by her mom over the years.


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