Short Film Beautifully Reminds Us To Celebrate A Christ-Centered Christmas!

“What if we were able to see Jesus in all the traditions?”- Give Jesus the center place of your life and see how your life is transformed into a new level of happiness and radiance! Here we have a beautiful video made by Journey Box Media reminding us about the true meaning of Christmas season and the importance of bringing Jesus in the centre of your life!

Journey Box Media is famous for their unique way of communicating the gospel through their online videos. This time they have produced a thought provoking short film about Christmas to show others the love of Christ through our words and actions! Through the video they have delivered the message to see Christ in our children’s laughter and in the way we love one another in our families!

A short video which is set in a typical American home shows that, at first the house was fully decorated in a holiday decor, but suddenly all the decorations are taken down except for the Baby Jesus! The house now looks, lifeless, bare and empty..Representing that Jesus should be the FOCUS of the season! A man’s voice repeated …“The first Christmas was about God and us. Let’s make this Christmas about us with God”

Stay tuned to get Focus on Jesus and see  “Christ in the center” of “Happy Christmas”

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