Five Principles Of A Christian Marriage

Marriage is a covenant institution created by God in the garden of Eden.


When God made the first man, he saw that man was lonely and needed someone, so he made a woman as a companion to man.

God wanted man and woman to multiply and subdue the earth through the institution of marriage.

There are five principles which govern a Christian marriage:

Marriage is permanent:

Marriage is permanent

Marriage is established by God and is permanent. It is a serious commitment with a solemn promise and pledge to one’s partner and before God.

Marriage is sacred:

Marriage is sacred

Marriage is a relationship between two partners before God. It cannot be “same-sex marriage” because God condemns homosexual relationships.

Intimacy in marriage:

Intimacy in marriage

Intimacy should be between spouses, where two become “one flesh” with sexual intercourse, and a new relationship is established between two previously unrelated individuals and families.

Marriage is mutual:

Marriage is mutual

The husband and wife freely give to each other in a marriage and are committed to each other in steadfast love and devotion. There is forgiveness and restoration of each one. Wives must submit to their husbands and be “suitable helpers,” while husbands are to love their wives and bear the ultimate responsibility for the marriage before God.

Marriage is a life-long commitment:

Marriage is a life-long commitment

Marriage is permanent, intimate, and mutual, and no other human being must interfere with the marriage between husband and wife.


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