Adorable 5-Year-Old Sings Disney Princess Medley At Disney World

Disney Princess fans had a field day when popular Youtube sensation, Claire Crosby sang every Disney Princess song at Disney World.

This was a real dream come true for many because she combined all the popular princess songs into one medley. Claire is known for her pint size, yet powerful singing prowess.
She combined songs from Disney princesses such as Snow White and Cinderella all the way to the most recent royals to latest movie hits like Elsa, Anna and Moana.

Claire and the entire Crosby family teamed up with Disney, so that Claire could have an awesome chance to be every Disney princess for this music video! The songs flowed seamlessly thanks to John C Leavitt.

Her parents had to find and purchase every Disney Princess dress in the Disney store! As if this wasn’t amazing enough, she was escorted and filmed doing so all around Disney’s parks, with the park building and settings modified to set the stage for each princess’s song. Claire also had an orchestra to back her up thanks to the students at Boone High School.

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