Cleveland Brothers Set Up Hot Chocolate Stand To Raise Money For Local Police Officer Diagnosed with Cancer

Two young brothers from Cleveland, Ohio were moved to help one of their local police officer who was in a fight with cancer.

Posted by Machelle Trank on Monday, November 4, 2019

Josiah and Gideon Trank have always admired and done good for those who serve in uniform, according to their mother Machelle Trank.

“First responders, military … their eyes light up when they see their heroes,” she said.

The brothers had set up a lemonade stand in the summer of 2018 and gave the proceeds to a fallen officer’s family.

So when they heard about the Cleveland Officer David Muniz’s cancer battle, they could not set up a lemonade stand as it was too cold for that in November, so they thought of a hot chocolate stand instead.

Officer Muniz was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after getting shot while on duty and has been taking treatment since 2017.

They set up their hot chocolate stand with the help of their mom and plan to donate the proceeds toward Officer Muniz’s treatment costs.

“I want him to know he is not alone, we are here, and we can help,” Gideon said, The hot chocolate beverages were priced at a $1 a cup but were offered free of cost to police officers and military members. They also gave them free hugs.

Officer Muniz also visited their stand which wasn’t as busy as hoped for, as Machelle said it was due to it being a Monday.

Officer Muniz stopped over and surprised the boys. They loved meeting him 💙💙💙

Posted by Machelle Trank on Monday, November 4, 2019

“They had a goal of $500 but didn’t come close to reaching it,” she said. “They were still very excited for what they raised and seeing the happiness on their faces as they put the money in an envelope and getting to meet Officer Muniz definitely made it successful for them!”

The boys have kept in touch with Officer Muniz and even gave him a Christmas gift. Machelle said her sons may decide to run a lemonade stand in the spring for Officer Muniz.

Gideon: Mommy we need to add Officer Muniz name on our blue tree this year with the other names.
Me: blue tree??

Posted by Machelle Trank on Friday, November 8, 2019

The family is now focused on a police-themed Christmas tree in the yard, at Josiah and Gideon’s request. “I made thin blue line ornaments with all of the officers names they’ve come to know and love,” Machelle said. “They asked to get blue lights and add the ornaments so the officers know they are in their thoughts this holiday season.”

Mom Machelle said she felt proud of her sons’ hearts toward the police officers and how they strive to show them their appreciation.

“I love their hearts,” she said. “I wish I could capture the love and excitement in their eyes when they want to do something.”

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